Clinic Tour

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Reception Area

Our reception area is designed to allow for smooth patient flow in and out of the hospital.  When you exit the Consultation Rooms, you are at the reception area, ready to go.  We will make every effort possible to answer any further questions, make sure you have all necessary medications and retail products, schedule follow-up appointments and then complete the transaction as efficiently as possible.  

Be sure to ask us if you need additional assistance.  We're here to help!

Patient Suites

Our patient suite areas are spacious and comfortable for your pets.  Dogs have a walk-in run or large kennel to stay in while they are with us.  Cats have spacious kennels for relaxing as well.  We make every effort to keep cats and dogs separated, creating a comfortable environment.  All pets have a warm blanket as well as food and water (when appropriate) with them in their kennel. 

In addition, our staff continues to shower your pet with love while they are in our care.


In an effort to provide one-stop shopping for our clients, we offer a comprehensive veterinary pharmacy to meet your prescription needs.  Approximately 95% of the pharmaceuticals your pet might need are kept in our pharmacy.  This enables you to come in for medical treatment and leave with your prescription, rather than having to take an extra trip to the pharmacy.

In some cases, your pets condition may require a special drug.  We work have veterinary compounding companies that can special tailor drugs for your pet. In addition, we also work with local pharmacies and will make every effort possible to meet your prescription needs.

Radiology Suite

Our radiology suite holds a digital radiograph machine capable of taking x-rays quickly and efficiently.  This machine is the same as one you would find in a human hospital. As you can imagine, this equipment allows us to have important information at a moment's notice.


The surgical suite is a sterile environment where your pet is operated on.  This is a state-of-the-art surgical suite where the following are observed:

  • Doctors wear sterilized surgical caps, gowns and gloves for each surgery

  • A Veterinary Technician is present to monitor anesthesia, patient well-being and for doctor assistance

  • Every instrument is sterilized prior to each surgery

  • Human-grade suture materials are used

  • Sterile protocols are observed

Our doctors perform a wide range of surgeries Monday through Friday.  Whether a routine spay or neuter or a complicated orthopedic procedure, your pet receives the same level of care in our surgical suite.

Surgical Prep Area

When your pet is admitted to our hospital for a surgical procedure, or in cases where anesthesia is necessary, this is the area they where they are put under anesthesia and prepared for surgery.  In most cases, when a pet is first admitted, a "shot" of anesthesia is given that makes them comfortable and sleepy.  Once this takes effect, they are brought to the surgical preparation area. 

Next, your pet has a tube placed down through its mouth into the trachea to help it breathe.  Once this tube is in place, a combination of anesthetic gasses and oxygen put your pet into a gentle, peaceful slumber.  During the entire time your pet is under anesthesia, it is constantly monitored by computer that measures breathing, heart rate and respiratory conditions.  Your pet also has the constant attention and monitoring by one of our Veterinary Technicians.

From here, the surgical site on the body is prepared.  In most cases, this means shaving off the hair and washing the area with antiseptic agents to create a clean, hair free surgical site. 

Waiting Room

If you are like most of our clients, this is an area you see, but only for a few minutes!  The most common complaint we here about the waiting area is that most people don't get enough time to read the great magazines provided here.  

Our hospital realizes your time is valuable.  For that reason, the average wait time to see your doctor for your scheduled appointment is less than five minutes.  Honest!

We ask you to be conscientious of your appointment time so that we can continue to provide this great service.  We also ask for your patience at those rare times when we have to ask you to wait a little longer than normal so that we may tend to an emergency care case.